Surely you would like to know something about my references at this point. However, part of my service and an absolute necessity is a confidential and discreet way of working, from which you will also benefit as a future client. 



Therefore, I can only give you some quotes from my satisfied customers here:

In terms of results, you have achieved sustainable value creation. I would like to mention numerous early contract terminations..., as well as optimisations of ongoing rental costs at low-turnover shops.

(Managing Director, leading Bakery chain store)


You familiarised yourself very quickly and demonstrated your high methodological competence through modern negotiation approaches and sound knowledge of the market situation.

(Partner, Supply-Chain Project in retail)


Mr. Schmitz was responsible for the implementation of measures for the early termination of the rental agreements still in operation. In doing so, he represented the interests of the bank externally. He was able to find and implement economic solutions for numerous contracts in the interest of the client.

(Managing Director, Transaction-Projekt for german major bank)


During this time, you have made a professional contribution to the successful expansion of our shop network. From the targeted search for locations, the negotiation of rental agreements with landlords to the planning and coordination of the expansion of our shops, you always keep an eye on our needs as a sports textile retailer and represent our brand as an ambassador to the outside world. ...and always give us new impulses.

(CEO, Sport-Textile-Retailer, Austria)


Please be assured that I can realise very good economic and technical solutions for you ! I have already been working for many of my customers for a long time. To achieve both is my claim in our business relationship !


Nothing can replace a personal conversation. - I look forward to getting to know you.  


Until then, you can find more information about my professional career in my vita.